Some of my songs. All of it is pretty old (<1997). Anyway, I might add some songs of my current band some time.

Note that most of it is demo-style tracked music, if you're not used to that kind of music you probably won't like it.

Bloomfield: King Peculiar5MOGGA song from around '96 by a band I was in
Bloomfield: Little Lester4MOGGAnother song, same band
Gabriel 6: Birth4MMP3The intro to a demo we never finished
Kaleidoscope Eyes135kITAnother part of a demo (we, again, never finished)
Fidget129kS3MAn old tune from somewhere around '96
Plan 9 From Outer Space118kS3Manother old mode-tune
Atlantis Soundtrack771kITFour mellow songs from the demo, only two were used
Vum Dachbodn1MMOD, S3MA collection of some of my first modules, wacky!
1970-01-01 01:00