Misc downloads

These are some misc. things I've done, some of it might be outdated.

werwillwas-0.0.1.zip18kA small plugin for Miranda (ICQ) that will read the name of the person messaging you through the Speech API
Hardwarebook.chm818kWindows-Help version of The Hardware Book (HWB), done by me. See http://www.hardwarebook.net.
USGer2.rar18kEin Windows-Eingabeschema fuer US-Tastaturen, zusaetzlich sind Umlaute/Euro/Scharfes S halbwegs leicht zu erreichen
rt_bootf.zip19kFire and Adlib-sound for your Disks (instead of the 'no boot disk'-message), quite oldschool (+source)
teso-lancity-0.2.tar.gz61kA remainder of my 'wild' days, an article about how insecure LanCity-Modems are (were)
rightorder.zip112kA small tutorial/prog for keeping the right order of files when making a selfbooting dreamcast-game
kyippiemail.tar.gz3kA tiny (old) KDE-application that will reside in the taskbar and start blinking once mail arrives
2012-05-10 13:51