[2008-09-16] Apple II Disk-Backup for apples with less than 64k RAM

See here

[2008-03-21] PS/2 keyboard-to-Apple II-converter

I proudly present the fantastic PS/2 keyboard-to-Apple II-converter!

[2005-05-11] Updated alpha version of OstB

A small bug that caused a crash under certain circumstances has been fixed.

[2004-11-12] Updated Sega Saturn mod

Almost no external ciruitry needed any more, see here.

[2004-10-20] Added alpha version of OstB

OstB is an oldschool textmode-diary for Win32.

[2004-09-14] Added Sega Saturn mod tutorial

The ultimate modification for your Sega Saturn: 50/60-toggle and country-switch all without modifying the Saturn's exterior.

[2004-09-14] New site design online

I finally got rid of my old page, I hope you like the new retro look.

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